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Keeping up with the changes in mainstream and online media
Business people need to keep up with the move towards online and digital trends in the Australian media, according to John Croll, CEO of Media Monitors who addressed a business meeting hosted by the Public Relations Institute of Australia this morning.

"Breaking news, which was once the domain of radio stations, is now chiefly carried by the Internet. The speed at which stories reach the headlines has shortened dramatically and business people can't afford to not keep pace," said Croll.

"Citizen reporters are now a major part of major news stories like the recent events at Virginia Tech in the US. The first footage that made it to air very shortly after the shootings took place, was mobile phone footage of witnesses. No longer is quality of footage the key consideration, it's far more important to get something on air or on the Web.

"Blogs are also playing a major role in spreading the word. According to recent report by Technorati, there are 120,000 new blogs created worldwide each day, with 3.9 million blogs updated at least weekly. The blogosphere as it's called, is doubling in size every six months. Business people need to know what bloggers are saying about their organisations.

"There are plenty of organisations who are harnessing the power of the Web and blogging. Tesltra has set up a specific website called 'Now we are talking' where they invite customers and other stakeholders to comment on any aspect of Telstra's business, which is a pretty gutsy move.

"At Media Monitors we are keeping pace with these media changes by offering blog and Web monitoring, digital capture of TV and radio coverage and focusing on analysis rather than the big pile of clippings.

"The pace of change in the Australian media is set to continue. It will be driven by the increased speed and penetration of broadband Internet and the use of mobile phones as a multimedia devices," said Croll.

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