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MEDIA RELEASE 11 June 2009

Businesses switching to recycled copy paper
One of Australia's leading suppliers of business essentials Corporate Express, says there has been a noticeable switch in use of office paper from all-purpose to recycled paper.

Office paper is currently the largest component of solid waste generated by offices. Australians use about 1.72 million tonnes of printing and writing paper each year, which is the equivalent to more than 40 million trees.

"Copy paper is a very important product category for Corporate Express. Over the past three years, recycled copy paper has been by far our fastest growing paper category," said Jennifer Williams, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager with Corporate Express.

"Our customers are conscious of their paper consumption and are looking at ways to decrease it or make it more environmentally-friendly," she added.

Corporate Express contributed to the development of the fourth edition of the Know your paper guide, an initiative from the Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW to assist anyone wishing to purchase 80gsm all-purpose office paper containing recycled fibre.

"It's important to understand the impact our consumption of paper has on the environment and how we can reduce this. The Know your paper guide will help businesses do just that," Williams said.

"The manufacture of recycled content paper can consume up to 50 per cent less energy and 60 per cent less water compared to manufacturing paper from virgin fibres.

"Recycled content paper also helps lower the quantity of paper disposed to landfill and consequently reduce greenhouse gas emissions," she explained.

In addition to offering a range of paper containing between 10 and 100 per cent of recycled content, Corporate Express recently added to its range the Reflex Laser Carbon Neutral paper.

"With the increased obligation of companies to report on their greenhouse gas emissions, the carbon neutral paper can be a simple way to help reduce their carbon footprint and a great way to show staff you're committed to sustainability," Williams said.

Corporate Express offers a wide range of environmentally-preferable products across all divisions of the business including office products, IT solutions, business furniture, print management, canteen & catering, promotional marketing, facility supplies and education.

Corporate Express was named Sustainable Company of the Year in late 2008 at the 8th Australian Sustainability Awards.

Corporate Express Australia, an ASX-listed company, is one of Australia's leading suppliers of business essentials with over 50 branches around Australia and New Zealand.

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