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MEDIA RELEASE 11 October 2004

Free online fraud check-up
Employee fraud has affected half of all business in the last four years, according to a recent CPA survey, and in response to the growing problem, a free online fraud check-up has been launched by specialist fraud investigators Dolman Bateman.

Any business can go to the website – – and answer a series of short questions designed to assess the likelihood of employee fraud occurring in their business.

Warwick Dolman, Director and fraud investigator at Dolman Bateman, says the fraud check-up acts like a mini fraud risk assessment for business.

“The check-up looks at the anti-fraud strength of a company’s culture, as well as asking questions about the level and type of systems that the business has in place, which could make it more difficult for employees to misappropriate funds,” said Warwick Dolman.

“Fraud is a bit of a problem subject for business, because many senior managers don’t know how to go about tackling fraud or, in some cases, even acknowledge that it is occurring.

“The fact is that 82% of the worst frauds are committed by employees on their employing organisations, and the financial consequences can have a big impact on the management and the rest of the staff. It is therefore in the interest of both the employer and employee that good systems are in place,” said Warwick Dolman.

The fraud check-up comprises ten easy-to-answer questions and uses a specialised scale to identify the problem areas of the respondent’s organisation.

Dolman Bateman specialises in the detection, investigation and minimisation of fraud in the workplace. Warwick Dolman CA CPA is a founder and Director of Dolman Bateman.

Statistics quoted based on 2003 Business Survey conducted by CPA Australia
Released by Dennis Rutzou Public Relations on behalf of Dolman Bateman. For more information contact David Lizzio on 9413 4244

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