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MEDIA RELEASE 11 October 2005

No-water, no-mow lawn comes to Geelong
As Victoria feels the effect of water restrictions and the drought, the no-water, no-mow synthetic lawn, which looks like natural grass, has come to Geelong, with the first lawn being installed in the backyard of local resident Shaun Ridgeway.

Shaun, who is a qualified installer of synthetic lawns, chose to have a Pro-tech Eco Logical lawn installed in his own backyard because of the benefits for his family.

“The 30 square metre lawn is not only low maintenance, with no watering or mowing required, but it’s also really safe for my kids as it’s softer to fall on because of the rubber base.

“I have three children, aged five, two, and ten months, so it’s important to me that they have a safe play area and don’t get scratches or injuries.

“The lawn stays green all year round, regardless of the lack of rain. In winter when it does rain, I find that the water absorbs much quicker than normal grass, draining straight through the lawn.

“Many people find it very difficult to grow grass in certain locations at the best of times and with water restrictions in force it has become an even bigger chore.

“Once the Eco Logical lawn is installed, it will last for up to twenty years and depending on the area, costs less than a paving installation,” Shaun said.

The Eco Logical synthetic lawn system is based on a unique European concept, which has been brought to Australia by Pro-tech Corp, which uses the process of ‘fibrillation’ to split the fibres and give the lawn the grass-like look and feel.

As part of the lawn system, Pro-tech has developed a water capturing system which people can choose to install beneath the Eco Logical lawn. It makes it easy to collect fresh rain water with the help of a sub-turf membrane or water run-off matt which collects the water and stores it in a subterranean water tank. The modular tank, which can sit beneath or adjacent to the lawn, can then have its water pumped to a garden tap.

The company also installs high quality synthetic putting greens as used by champion golfers including Peter O’Malley, Nick O’Hearn, Sergio Garcia and Vijay Singh. The synthetic greens play as true as a championship green, yet require no maintenance or watering.

Released for Pro-tech Corp by Dennis Rutzou Public Relations.
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