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MEDIA RELEASE 10 November 2008

Online car buying service sales up 15 per cent despite industry down turn, Australia's biggest online car buying service, says its sales are up 15 cent over the same period last year despite the downturn in the car industry. This goes against industry figures which show that over 80 per cent of car dealers' sales are down for the same period last year.

According to marketing director Tim Marsh people are shopping around more and using the internet to find the best deals.

"The increase of financial stress on people's budgets has shown a shift in how people go about buying new cars. Now more than ever the internet plays a crucial part in the research and also purchasing of a new car," said Marsh.

"Private Fleet is doing well because we can offer fleet prices to anybody. We buy more cars than any other car buying service and this gives us enormous buying power. We can save our customers up to 15 per cent off the price from dealers which in most cases can end up being be thousands of dollars.

"We handle the whole buying process for our customers. We offer advice on the best car to suit their needs and then get the lowest possible price for that car. We can also arrange test drives and handle the trade-in, finance and insurance if need be. We organise the delivery from the dealer and keep the customer notified so they know exactly when their new car will be delivered to their door with a full tank of fuel, he said."

Private Fleet is an Australian owned and operated national online car buying service. Private Fleet customers are individuals and small businesses who ask Private Fleet to provide independent advice on their vehicle selection, competitive pricing and a high standard of service. Private Fleet then invites multiple dealers from all over Australia to bid for the business.

Private Fleet can be contacted on 1300 303 181 or by visiting

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