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MEDIA RELEASE 12 January 2004

The no-mow, no-water, no-maintenance lawn
It almost sounds too good to be true. A beautiful green lawn, which doesn’t require mowing, weeding or feeding, and even more importantly, in light of current water restrictions, requires no watering.

These lawns are a new concept based on unique European ‘fibrillated’ technology, and are now available in Australia from Pro-tech Lawns, the company that also installs professional synthetic golf greens used by the likes of Australian champion golfer Peter O’Malley and international golfers, Vijay Singh, Mark Calcavecchia, Sergio Garcia, Lee Janzen, Hale Irwin and Corey Pavin to mention but a few.

The no-mow, no-water, no-maintenance lawn

The Pro-tech Lawns venture, which is now expanding throughout Australia, has been established by Bill Rorke, a former Australian international soccer representative, who is a keen amateur golfer.

Bill Rorke says that there is an increasing demand for this new form of fibrillated lawn, which looks like the real thing, and is ideal for suburban gardens and a variety of commercial applications.

“We believe that this product has huge potential in the drought-prone Australian environment, particularly as most of our capital cities, including Sydney and Melbourne now have water restrictions.

“Looking after a backyard lawn is a problem weekend chore for many people, with not only the mowing, but the ongoing maintenance.

“There is also the situation in many townhouse and apartment developments, where there are small lawn areas which are shaded and where it is subsequently difficult, or impossible, to sustain grass growth.

“Lawn looks good in these areas and there are often no suitable garden alternatives for such locations.

“Our fibrillated synthetic lawn system is a perfect solution, as it requires virtually no maintenance, will last for at least ten years and, depending on the area, costs less than a good quality paving installation,” said Bill Rorke.

He said that as well as the excellent appearance, the synthetic lawn has superb drainage qualities and can handle the most extreme weather conditions.

For further information about a synthetic lawn from Pro-tech Lawns, call Bill Rorke on (02) 8765 9142 or 0408 214 248.


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