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MEDIA RELEASE 12 January 2006

New appointment at New Water
Innovative rainwater harvesting and water reuse specialists New Water has appointed Mr Peter Chadwick as their New South Wales Business Development Manager.

Mr Chadwick has had extensive experience in the building industry having worked with Bisley Homes and more recently with Boral Construction.

New Water only commenced operations in July 2004 and already turnover has passed the $2 million a year mark.

The major products include Rain Reviva, a highly innovative rainwater storage bladder which fits under the house, or deck and can receive rainwater run-off from the roof via all the downpipes. As a result it can capture up to 500% more water than the standard rainwater tank and it stays out of sight. The stored water can be plumbed into the house for use in toilets, showers, the washing machine, or garden use.

Their other product is Aqua Reviva, a grey water treatment and recycling system which can purify shower, bath and washing machine water to Class A level so that it can be endlessly reused for most household requirements. Performance testing to standards set by the NSW Department of Health is expected to be completed in January 2006, which would allow full commercial roll-out to occur soon thereafter.

In his newly created position, Mr Chadwick will be focussed on increasing sales in New South Wales to domestic households, but with a specific attention on the building industry.

Mr Chadwick said that in his new job he feels he can create a real difference by helping to solve the Sydney water crisis.

“Research has shown that over a twenty year period Sydney faces a significant shortfall in water supply and we see that rainwater harvesting and water reuse is the real long term solution.

“When the BASIX regulations come into full effect in mid-2006, the building industry will have to seriously look at rainwater harvesting and grey water reuse as the means for new homes to comply with the new regime,” Mr Chadwick said.

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