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MEDIA RELEASE 12 January 2006

Local sporting club installs a no-water sporting field
With what is shaping up to be a very hot summer and no sign of the water restrictions easing, local club, Calabria Bowling and Sports, at Manly Vale has installed a 1,400 square metre synthetic sporting field that will never require watering.

Mr Armando Panetta, General Manager for the Club said that wear and tear on the natural grass field was limiting the amount of time that could be spent playing sports and the attraction of having a field that doesn’t require watering or maintenance made the decision easy.

“Installing the synthetic sporting field has increased the club’s revenue.

“We can use it more often than we could use the natural grass sporting field on which the turf surface had to be regularly replaced, meaning we could only use it for three months of the year.

“One of the main reasons we chose to install the field was because it requires no watering and no maintenance.

“Women, men and kids all play their soccer competitions on the field and everyone just loves it.

“We are looking at using it as a multi-sports field in the next six months,” he said.

TEAM Sports Surfaces, Australia’s leading manufacturer and distributor of synthetic sporting surfaces installed the synthetic sporting field on what used to be a lawn bowls green.

TEAM recently completed an installation for FIFA at Jelan Besar Stadium in Singapore, which will officially open in February. It is just one of many installations TEAM has completed in countries across Asia including Korea, China and Hong Kong.

John Curtis, CEO of TEAM Sports Surfaces said “we believe it is only a matter of time before Australian’s realise the full potential of synthetic sporting surfaces and follow the rest of the world in embracing the turf.

“We also make synthetic sporting surfaces for tennis, hockey, cricket, lawn bowls and children’s playgrounds.

“It is the perfect alternative for local councils, clubs and administrators that struggle with maintenance costs, water restrictions, wear and tear and sporting injuries.

“Our 3rd Generation synthetic turf was used for the Manly Vale installation which features the shock absorption characteristics of natural grass- essential for running, tackling, sliding and for reducing the risk of friction burn,” said John.

TEAM is a FIFA Quality Concept for Artificial Turf Licensee and has installed synthetic surfaces in more than 1000 stadiums and 2,000 sports venues in Australia and around the world.

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