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MEDIA RELEASE 12 January 2011

Install a ceiling fan to deter insects and improve air movement in your outdoor room
Outdoor rooms in houses are becoming more and more popular as many new homes incorporate outdoor rooms and others install them retrospectively. Ceiling fans can be a great addition to an outdoor room by keeping it cooler and also by deterring insects.

Ceiling fans dissuade flying pests from entering the outdoor room, simply because they don't like flying in a breeze.

An appropriate ceiling fan can also make a room feel four to five degrees cooler.

Ceiling fans also have a number of benefits over floor standing or smaller desk-style fans; space saving and safer, particularly for children and pets.

There are many styles and colours of ceiling fan available that can add to the décor of an outdoor room, increasing the 'resort look and feel'.

Today's ceiling fans are highly efficient, due to improvements in motors, controls, blade design and reduced weight. Australian designer and distributer of ceiling fans, Hunter Pacific has an extensive range of ceiling fan styles in a variety of timber, painted and plated metal finishes.

Not all ceiling fans are suitable for outdoor use so homeowners need to check before having it installed. The Hunter Pacific Concept 2 is ideal for an outdoor room and is available in a range of finishes including white and brushed aluminium. It can be used in outdoor locations as long as the roof is sealed and there is no opportunity for water to encroach on the motor.

Hunter Pacific International is a leading Australian-owned designer and worldwide distributor of ceiling and exhaust fans and accessories in both residential and commercial environments.

For more information on Hunter Pacific and its products, visit or call (02) 9658 1958.

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