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MEDIA RELEASE 12 September 2005

Fabulous Christmas food ideas from The Essential Ingredient
Why not give some delightfully delicious gifts this festive season? Lindt Chocolate Coverture and chocolate utensils, Quince Paste and Saffron Syrup are some of the indulgences to fill the shelves at The Essential Ingredient, and are sure to be a hit this Christmas.

Satisfy everyone’s chocolate indulgence with hand made chocolates, richly flavoured with a touch of velvet. Lindt Chocolate Coverture is quality chocolate used by professional confectioners with cocoa beans procured from Venezuela - distributed exclusively through The Essential Ingredient.

Dark, milk and white coverture in various sizes are all available along with a range of chocolate moulds, utensils and various tempering equipment - an ideal gift for true chocoholics this Christmas. Lindt Chocolate Coverture is sold in 1kg block size for $19.95.

The Essential Ingredient’s Quince Paste is the ideal gift for entertainers. This versatile savoury delight provides the perfect sweet meat for cheese plates and platters on a warm summer’s evening with champagne. The homemade paste from Western Australia has a rich colour and strong texture. It offers a mature taste with slight ginger overtones with length – so that the flavour remains long afterward. The Essential Ingredient Quince Paste is available in a 350g bottle for $11.95

The hot new spice everyone is taking about is Saffron Syrup. Made from Spanish Mancha saffron, this liquid gold is intense and aromatic. Saffron Syrup is great drizzled lightly on goat's cheese tarts or poured sparingly over poached dates and served with vanilla yogurt. Serve ice-cream topped with the syrup and sprinkled with toasted pistachios and crème caramels taste sublime with a spoonful or two added to the custard.

Try the syrup in desserts such as cakes and flans or use it to flavour milk, yogurt or even cocktails. In India it is diluted in water to honour guests, but you can use its subtle aroma and flavour to keep everyone guessing. Taj Mahal Saffron Syrup is available in a 200ml size for $9.95.

The Essential Ingredient is a gourmet food and kitchenware store caters to the restaurant trade and consumers alike. Founded in 1986, the business sells everything from local and exotic food to kitchenware, tableware and inspirational reading from world-renowned chefs.

The Essential Ingredient is located in Sydney, Melbourne, Tamworth, Canberra, Albury, Orange and Newcastle. For enquiries phone 9557 2388 or visit

Samples and photos available.
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