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MEDIA RELEASE 12 October 2004

Materials handling company has a new name
‘Lencrow Group’ is the new name of one of Australia’s largest materials handling companies, bringing together six separate subsidiaries currently operating under different names. The new name has officially come into effect in October.

The companies that will operate under the new Lencrow Group name include Nomad Lift Trucks, Pacific Rentals, Allforks Hire, Pro-fork Materials Handling, Hilift Tailgates and Hilift Materials Handling.

Ross Grassick, who will be General Manager of the Lencrow Group, said the name change is an important strategic move for the group, which will have a combined annual turnover of over $20M.

“Operating under a single name will integrate all our divisions and will give us the opportunity to make greater investment in customer service, and training and development, which will be our focus in the short-to-medium term,” said Grassick.

“We expect strong sales growth across all the divisions, particularly with the sales of our new range of Pedestrian Operated Lift Trucks.

“We are also excited to be announcing a new ‘Materials Handling Solutions’ software package in October. The software is going through the final stages of development, and is designed to provide product information and logistical support for the materials handling needs of companies in all industries,” said Grassick.

The group of companies, which will operate under the new Lencrow Group name, currently have 1700 vehicles and units in their national hire fleet, and sell hundreds of tailgate’s and forklifts annually. There are 24 mobile service centres and 35 agencies currently in operation.

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