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MEDIA RELEASE 12 December 2006

Changes to the BASIX scheme for NSW homes
Recent changes to the NSW Building Sustainability Index scheme (BASIX) mean that not only new houses and units are required to comply with energy and water conservation requirements - renovations are now included.

According to the changes, all home renovations valued at $100,000 or more (dropping to $50,000 or more from July 2007), and all swimming pools or spas with a volume over 40,000 litres require BASIX certificates.

Despite these recent changes to the scheme, Rheem Product Manager Ben Murphy says that NSW residents can still follow the BASIX guidelines regardless of the size of renovations.

“Environmentally conscious home owners should keep in mind that even if they don’t require BASIX certificates because their renovations are only minor, they can still choose to use the scheme voluntarily to ensure that they are being energy and water efficient,” Ben said.

The BASIX scheme is a NSW government initiative which sets energy and water reduction targets for houses and units to ensure that homes use less drinkable water and emit fewer greenhouse gas emissions. It uses an online program which requires the user to enter data relating to the home design or renovation to determine how it scores against the targets set. Once these targets are passed, a BASIX certificate can be printed out for the user.

For more information on BASIX certificates for alterations and additions, visit

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