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MEDIA RELEASE 13 March 2010

In-store queue management: the latest retail trend to increase sales and customer flow
A new wave of thinking in the retail industry is putting much more emphasis on managing the last stage of the retail purchasing process, the checkout queue, and enticing customers to make impulse purchases.

According to SPOS' Marketing Project Manager, Kathryn Harradine, the competitiveness of the retail environment has brought an upsurge in the concept of in-store 'queue management'.

"Retailers are trying to increase their operational efficiencies and squeeze additional revenues from their existing properties. So there is now a stronger focus on 'queue management' and placing convenience products in front of customers while they are queuing. It helps to improve customer acquisition and strengthen bottom lines. While still a fairly new concept, queue management is rapidly gaining acceptance as an essential element of best practices in the retail industry," Harradine said.

Following research into innovative and practical products that can assist Australian and NZ retailers and brands enhance the purchasing process, SPOS recently introduced a merchandising system called System OMNIAŽ.

System OMNIAŽ is a complete modular display system that can be shaped in many different ways to make the most of retail displays at point-of-sales. Its flexibility allows brands and retailers to change their display as often as required.

System OMNIAŽ has been used to create a versatile range of in-queue merchandising (IQM) solutions and can even be configured to form complete in-store lay outs.

"The system gives retailers the ability to control customer flow and enhance in-store advertising and branding at a crucial point of the purchasing process: point-of-sales. It also helps create impulse purchases to deliver fast return on investment," Harradine said.

"From the shopper's perspective, the system means the shelves are neatly organised, the products are easy to find, the information is readily available and, very important, people follow their queue without having to fight over who was there first. It makes the shopping experience more straightforward and attractive," she added.

System OMNIAŽ is lightweight, stylish and easy to use. It can be ordered as a complete system, as individual components and can even be custom-made for retailers or brands' specific needs and can be mixed and matched to individual design specifications.

Visitors to the Retail World Expo held at the Melbourne Convention Centre on 16-17 June will be able to see System OMNIAŽ in use as part of the registration table set up for the event.

SPOS is a leading provider of marketing at retail solutions in Australia and New Zealand that are designed to enhance the overall appearance of the products in-store and ultimately stimulate sales.

SPOS is proud of its success in leading its industry in the future of in-store marketing and effective shelf merchandising as well as providing clients with new and innovative products that fit their needs.

In Australia, more information about SPOS is available at or by calling 1800 263 988.

In New Zealand, more information about SPOS is available at or by calling 09 828 4877.

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