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MEDIA RELEASE 13 July 2006

Save your business that extra buck
Business, finance and logistics managers can now brush up their skills on procurement and save their companies time and money by learning from the very best at the 10th Annual National Supply Clusters Conference to be held 7-8 September at the Carlton Crest Hotel, Brisbane.

A feature of the two-day conference will be USA’s Jim Bergman, CEO of Commitment Management and a world leader in the procurement industry. Jim will introduce new research on best contracting practices based on input from more than 200 international corporations. He will also discuss management of stakeholders and professional skills needed in procurement.

The conference will include more than ten speakers giving practical tips on topics such as engaging suppliers, corporate social responsibility, taking stress out of work, negotiation skills, managing growth, buying from China, etc.

The company behind the conference, Supply Clusters of Australia (SCA), was founded 10 years ago by Mr Ian Cook, former operations manager in manufacturing, and has now spread Australia-wide. Supply Clusters offer companies greater buying power by bringing members together.

“I believe Supply Clusters of Australia is absolutely unique in the world. It is a knowledge community and our most valuable asset is our 150 national members. They share their buying power to save time and money for all.

“A $1 purchase cost saving has the same bottom line effect as $4 sales increase. In 2005, members made about $93 million in purchases from recommended suppliers. Most of our members say Supply Clusters has saved them five times their membership,” said Ian.

The Annual Conference is part of Supply Clusters’ commitment to refining its members’ procurement and networking skills. Supply Clusters’ members have monthly meetings to discuss purchasing practices and a wide range of business issues and opportunities.

For more information on Supply Clusters or to subscribe to the Conference, call (02) 9449 8368 or visit

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