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MEDIA RELEASE 13 August 2010

SPOS launches WineStation for dispensing fresh, consistent wine tasting at retail
Marketing at retail solutions provider SPOS has launched the WineStation dispensing unit which stores, preserves and pours consistent wine samples every time. It is ideal for use in locations where wine tasting takes place like liquor stores, wineries and wine tasting events.

The WineStation developed by US-based Napa Technology and exclusively distributed by SPOS in Australia and New Zealand, allows full or part glasses of wine to be dispensed while preserving the wine's freshness for up to 60 days with the use of nitrogen or argon gas. It also ensures that the same size sample of wine is dispensed each time.

The basic WineStation unit holds four bottles but is infinitely expandable up to thousands of bottles.

The WineStation is fully automated and can either be operated and controlled by staff, or customers can be issued with a smartcard to let them taste wines in a retail environment.

According to SPOS product manager Kathryn Harradine, the Wine Station has a number of advantages over traditional methods of wine tasting.

"Firstly, it reduces skimming or occasional 'heavy handed' service by retail staff. Plus, it allows retailers to provide more expensive wines for tasting without the worry of spoilage. This encourages customers to buy higher priced bottles," Harradine said.

"The use of WineStation can also create a new revenue stream by providing hosted or self-service wine tasting events," she added.

In addition to preservation and automation, WineStation's software and reporting tools enable you to track customer preferences, record purchases, build customer contact lists and identify the right merchandising and pricing strategies to increase your revenues, operating efficiency, productivity and profitability.

SPOS is a leading provider of marketing at retail solutions in Australia and New Zealand that are designed to enhance the overall appearance of the products in-store and ultimately stimulate sales.

More information about SPOS is available at or by calling 1800 263 988.

More information about SPOS is available at or by calling 09 828 4877.

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