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MEDIA RELEASE 13 October 2006

Winston Hills householders get help to turn their house green free of charge
Winston Hills and Toongabbie residents can turn their house green and combat climate change with the help of environmental group Easy Being Green.

Easy Being Green is visiting householders door-to-door and offering them the opportunity to install energy efficient light globes and AAA rated water saving showerheads free of charge through a verified home-installation process. With verified installation, Easy Being Green can provide homes with globes for every suitable light socket in the home and showerheads for all showers.

Paul Gilding, CEO at Easy Being Green and former Executive Director of Greenpeace International, said householders now have the opportunity to invest in the future of our earth.

“By installing energy saving light globes and water saving showerheads, householders can save greenhouse gas pollution from entering earth’s atmosphere and thousands of litres of water each year. They also save money off their combined annual electricity and water bills,” Gilding said.

“With the installation, each householder must sign a form to give Easy Being Green the right to trade the value of the greenhouse gas emissions they save by installing the light globes and the showerheads.

“Everybody wins with installation: the householder saves money by reducing their power bills, the environment benefits and Easy Being Green trades its carbon certificates, which helps to promote reductions in greenhouse gas emissions,” he said.

Easy Being Green is amongst a limited number of organisations that are accredited to trade carbon credits on to energy companies to assist them in meeting mandatory emission targets set by the NSW Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme.

In order to meet their targets, energy companies can undertake their own energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives and can also purchase carbon credits from accredited providers like Easy Being Green.

Easy Being Green also gives Australians the opportunity to become Carbon Neutral and reduce the emissions of carbon in the air.

More information on Easy Being Green’s in-home installation and Carbon Neutral services can be found at

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