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MEDIA RELEASE 13 November 2006

Fuji Xerox Australia closes the loop on recycling
Fuji Xerox Australia, producer of digital print and colour equipment, contributes to reducing climate change by closing the loop on recycling through its association with the Buy Recycled Business Alliance (BRBA).

Fuji Xerox Australia, along with other industry leaders, founded the BRBA in 1999 as a not-for-profit, business-led initiative that would provide a forum to promote greater uptake of recycled content products (RCPs) across Australia.

Tony Fielder, Marketing and Channels Manager of the Document Supplies Division at Fuji Xerox, said that founding the BRBA helped fulfil the company’s commitment to buying and producing RCPs.

“Fuji Xerox has long been actively involved in recycling and promoting a ‘buy recycled’ mindset to our customers. We are delighted to be a founding member of the BRBA to further assist us in encouraging our supply chain partners to optimise the collection and remarketing of recyclable materials,” Fielder said.

“In line with the BRBA’s objectives, Fuji Xerox tries to close the loop in terms of recycling by encouraging customers to return their old products to us for upgrade. We then change some parts for remanufactured and recycled content products,” he said.

As one of the Directors of the BRBA Board, Fielder sees substantial advantages of being part of the Alliance.

“The BRBA helps us to not only promote our recycled content products and the importance of closing the loop. They also provide great assistance to members through the Coach Program, which helps members establish processes to better identify opportunities for using recycled content products,” he said.

Fielder said that the BRBA is looking at developing a unique national database of recycled content products which will represent a helpful tool for members.

“The database will provide members with easy access and details of recycled content products. It will facilitate wider uptake of RCPs,” he said.

“Buying recycled can actually be cheaper - especially printers which have the same guarantee as original products - and has a much greater benefit in helping the environment. By buying recycled content products, companies and people are reducing the amount of pollution going to landfill, therefore reducing greenhouse gas emissions and climate change,” Fielder said.

Lara Barclay, Executive Director of the BRBA, said there is a good synergy between Fuji Xerox and the BRBA.

“Fuji Xerox has always been keen to educate and connect its staff and customers to the ‘buy recycled’ concept. The BRBA can help Fuji Xerox in the development and delivery of this objective, with particular emphasis on demonstrating how the ‘buy recycled’ approach can deliver competitive advantage in the market place,” Barclay said.

“Recycling and buying recycled should be a key component of a company’s sustainability strategies as it is a simple way for all businesses to improve environmental performance. The breakdown of waste in landfill releases greenhouse gases, which is a contributor to the worldwide problem of global warming. In addition, manufacturing RCPs from secondary resources generally requires less water and energy,” she said.

The Buy Recycled Business Alliance (BRBA) is a not-for-profit pro-sustainability alliance of businesses that are united by a commitment to promote the purchase and use of recycled content products (RCPs) and materials, which strongly contributes to corporate sustainability.

Foundation members of the BRBA include Amcor, McDonalds, Visy Industries, Foster’s Group, Corporate Express, Fuji Xerox and Australian Paper.

For more information on the BRBA, please visit or call 1300 662 593.

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For further information please call Fiona Pennington or Kim Larochelle on (02) 9413 4244.

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