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The new hydration pack for cyclists/runners
Geigerrig, the producer of multi-award winning hydration packs, has just released a lightweight and versatile pack for cyclists/runners: 'The Rig'. And it's available in Australia!

Made of heavy duty 840 ballistic ripstop and a hard backframe, the 1.01-kg Rig was designed with the ideal strength-to-weight ratio in mind, which is so important for cyclists/runners. The two-litre hydration pack also includes an emergency whistle for those who like to venture off the beaten track.

The Rig is one in a range of Geigerrig hydration packs that feature a unique pressurised system. The system sprays the water (rather than being sucked out) with the minimal effort of a quick pinch of the valve or a light bite with your teeth.

The water can be sprayed for drinking, sharing with a friend or a pet, to refresh or to clean equipment or wounds. It's convenient, easy and comfortable... And you'll never have to suck again!

People who use Geigerrig hydration packs during intense activity report that they comfortably drink 30 per cent more water than they do when using a traditional hydration pack.

It's not just hydrating though, it's hygienic. The Geigerrig's in-line filter can be added easily to the system, and it acts to remove 99 per cent of Cryptosporidium and Giardia (parasites that can cause intestinal illnesses). So when you're on the go, simply fill up your hydration bladder at a nearby stream and keep on drinking!

The Geigerrig hydration packs are dishwasher-friendly, easy to clean and easy to refill.

The Rig comes in black, red or citrus and is available for a RRP of $173.95.

Geigerrig packs including the new 'Rig' are distributed around Australia in most outdoor outlets. To find retailers near you, the Zen Imports customer service team can be contacted on 02 8878 3600 or

More information on Geigerrig can be found at

To view videos of Geigerrig (including demonstrations and experimentations), check out or

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