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MEDIA RELEASE 16 January 2007

Water restrictions drive successful business to Toowoomba
With level five water restrictions being enforced in Toowoomba, Ann and Neil Bauer have found an outstanding business opportunity to help environmentally-conscious car owners keep their cars clean without using water.

The Bauers own and manage the Ecowash Mobile franchise territories for Toowoomba and the Wide Bay. Ecowash Mobile is a waterless mobile car washing and detailing service which began in Australia in 2004 and recently launched in the Middle East and Europe.

Ann and Neil established their Ecowash Mobile franchise in the Wide Bay in April 2006 and were so overwhelmed with the response that they decided to acquire a second territory covering the Toowoomba and Kingaroy areas.

"Our business has been booming in the Hervey Bay and Maryborough areas where there are no water restrictions. We are so busy in fact that we needed to acquire a second car," Neil said.

"We thought it would be great for Toowoomba and Kingaroy to have access to such a unique and professional service, especially considering their water restrictions.

"We have employed a young local resident in Toowoomba who works full time and has his own Ecowash Mobile car. I visit him for a full week every month to give him a hand," he said.

According to Ann, some government departments in Toowoomba have recently decided to start using the services of Ecowash Mobile.

"One of the main benefits of Ecowash is that our products leave a protective coating that lasts four to six weeks and the whole process is guaranteed not to scratch," Ann said.

"Local residents also love the fact that it is mobile because it means their car can be Ecowashed at home, in a car park or at the office," she said.

Ecowash Mobile was recently the winner of the 2006 Small Business Awards Champion of Champions (Automotive Services category). In March 2006, Ecowash Mobile was also awarded the ‘Smart Approved Watermark’, the nation’s reference for choosing products, services and organisations that are reducing outdoor water use.

The approach uses an exclusive Ecowash Mobile product range that includes a 2-in-1 wash and polish biodegradable compound. The compound is sprayed onto the car exterior, encapsulates surface dirt that is then removed with a soft cloth and provides a lubricant.

The complete range of products enables a full detail inside and out including leather treatment, bumper renovation and scratch removal. To ensure long lasting protection of your car, Ecowash Mobile has also just introduced new protection options for paint, fabric and carpet or leather.

A variety of services are on offer, from a basic waterless wash and polish right through to a full detail called an Extreme Ecowash, to suit individual car owners, through to car dealers, smash repairers and corporate fleets.

For more information, call Neil and Ann on 0429 303 036, 1 800 ECOWASH (1 800 326 927) or visit

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