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MEDIA RELEASE 16 March 2017

Victorian bulb farm is delighted with the energy savings from their solar scheme
Energy is one of the major overheads of a bulb farm located at Silvan in the rich volcanic soil area of Victoria's Dandenong Ranges through their need to power different cool rooms at a precise temperature depending on the species of bulb.

Matt Blom, the manager of Aker Flowerbulbs said that they imported bulbs from their parent company in Holland, which was founded in 1894 and sold them in the Australian, Asian, US and European markets.
"We only started in Australia in the 1980's and sell tulips, lilies, irises, gladioli, hyacinths, daffodils and other bulbs and our cool rooms have to maintain a precise temperature ranging from 30 plus to minus 1.5 degrees depending on the species.
"The purpose of the temperature control is to put the bulb to sleep so that our customer, the flower grower, can produce flowers all year round.

"We previously spent $60,000 a year on energy and we are on track to substantially reduce this amount through our solar system and off peak grid power is less than last year as we need to use this source during the night. But even so, we are currently exploring the economics of the use of batteries in conjunction with our solar.

"We expect to save the capital cost of the system in five years with savings of $13,497 or 32 percent in year one and continuing to $176,010, or 31 percent in year 10," Matt Blom said.

Richard Martin of AEES Group, which designed and installed the system said they started on the design by taking the solar usage interval data which is now available from the smart meters that have been installed throughout Victoria.

"We used this to determine the size of the solar system that would be required and the economic justification for the capital cost. The data allowed us to do an accurate cost- benefit analyses.

"We recommended a system with 231 Trina Smart panels coupled with Tigo DC optimisation as we have always received high yields from this system with remote live time monitoring which allows us to provide timely maintenance and quickly detect any problems.

"We have already had a situation when a string of panels was underperforming through the failure of a $6.50 fuse, which we were quickly able to identify and fix.

"The monitoring results are also beamed to the head office of Aker Flowerbulbs in Holland and they have been so impressed that they have moved to install their own solar system based on the Australian experience," he said.
Govind Kant, Trina Solar APAC Sales Manager said that the experience of Aker Flowerbulbs was typical of the feedback he was receiving for this type of system, particularly where there was a consistent energy requirement, rather than sharp peaks and troughs.

"Their experience with Trinasmart panels and real time monitoring not only provides continuous input of the savings benefits of the system, but allows timely maintenance to overcome any problems and maintain optimum performance.
"We are also pleased that the experience in Victoria has led to their head office on the other side of the world moving to install their own system, based on the Australian success.
"After all this type of testimonial is our best form of advertising," Govind said.

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