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MEDIA RELEASE 18 November 2004


Logistics solution now available for small business
Small business is often plagued by a host of logistical problems, particularly when they outgrow their warehouse space, or are unsure of how to use their current space effectively, but material handling company Lencrow Group has come up with a solution.

Recognising the need for small businesses with warehouse space to have access to good advice on logistics, the company has launched a ‘kick-start’ package which combines guidance on the most appropriate warehouse system with a suggested range of equipment for hire or purchase.

This could include everything from a ‘rack and stack’ pallet system for a printing company to take full advantage of high-roofed warehouse space, to a small pallet truck for easy movement of goods from storage to transport for a retail warehouse.

Ross Grassick, General Manager of Lencrow Group, says that many small businesses fail to plan for their future materials handling needs, and so run into a host of logistical problems.

“It’s usually very hard for the small business owner or manager to know what their logistics needs are going to be: they’re great at their business, but they’re not materials handling experts.

“This is why we saw an opportunity to share our knowledge with small business on how they can ensure they are using their space effectively, are ready for the future and have access to the latest equipment,” said Grassick.

One option for small business may include the new range of EP electric pallet trucks, which come in a range of sizes and capacities and feature a number of new ease of maintenance and safety features, including stability casters, emergency power disconnect, and safety reverse and ‘dead-man’ braking systems.

Lencrow Group is one of Australia’s largest materials handling companies, offering hire and purchase of a range of logistics equipment, as well as forklift driver training.

The former companies that now operate under the new Lencrow Group name include Nomad Lift Trucks, Pacific Rentals, Allforks Hire, Pro-fork Materials Handling, Hilift Tailgates and Hilift Materials Handling.

Released for Lencrow Group by Dennis Rutzou Public Relations.
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