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MEDIA RELEASE 07 April 2008

Bio-Blocks help save water in business premises
Leading office and business products supplier Corporate Express is helping Australian companies turn green with an innovative product that reduces water usage in urinals by up to 95 per cent.

The Bio-Block system is the brainchild of Australian company EIS that identified that in many workplaces, urinals account for 10 to 30 per cent of total water usage. As a result, the product was specifically developed to save water in all types of urinals.

"We introduced Bio-Blocks to our range because they have the potential to save our customers water and they are 100 per cent biodegradable, which aligns with our own environmental aims," said Paul Schilperoort, General Manager Facility Services at Corporate Express.

"We take our environmental responsibility seriously and introduced our own range of 'EarthSaver' branded products in 1998. The range now includes around 400 products which meet a number of environmentally-sound criteria," he added.

The Bio-Block system uses millions of friendly bacteria specifically selected to target the uric salt deposits that build up in urinal pipe-work and components. Plus, they also eliminate odours, particularly when used in conjunction with the companion product a biological cleaner spray.

Bio-Blocks are placed in the base of the urinal in a matter of minutes. The urinal does not require flushing after each use but only when cleaning is undertaken.

Corporate Express is one of Australia's leading suppliers of business essentials and has over 50 branches around Australia and New Zealand.

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