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MEDIA RELEASE 19 June 2008

Innovative mobile Light Tower lights up rural Australia
Newly released, the Aust Light Tower is a unique mobile outdoor lighting solution that is light weight and mobile and ideal in the rural sector for night harvesting, maintenance works or for any large area requiring lighting.

The Aust Light Tower can be used in places where electricity is not available as it can be powered by a 1.5 kilowatt fuel efficient four stroke generator. What sets the Light Tower apart is its compact size, affordability and low energy use, while still emitting high capacity illumination.

Consisting of an inflatable, adjustable semi-transparent tube, the Aust Light Tower stands up to five metres high and is capable of illuminating an area of 10,000 square metres.

It weighs only 25 kilograms and can be easily operated by one person. The adjustable tube inflates within 60 seconds using a built-in fan and after five minutes the sodium lamp reaches full brightness.

The Aust Light Tower is made of a special semi-transparent material that helps to defuse the light, giving a softer light so that users have better visibility. Shadows that normally accompany flood lights are greatly reduced and as the Light Tower is lit from above, users can focus on the task at hand rather than be distracted by strong lighting.

Compact in size, the Aust Light Tower can fit in the boot of a car, unlike other mobile lighting equipment that is heavy and needs a dedicated trailer for transport.

The Aust Light Tower is stable and can withstand wind gusts of 70 kilometres per hour with the assistance of tension ropes. The Light Tower can also operate under harsh conditions, for instance from sub zero temperatures to the heat of the Australian desert.

"The Light Tower has received rave reviews from everyone who sees it, as there is nothing else on the Australian market like it," said Stephen Crocker, managing director of Aust Light Tower.

Crocker noticed a gap in the market when he found there were no rapidly deployable, cost effective portable lighting solutions available in Australia.

"Light Towers have been used successfully overseas, particularly in search and rescues, disaster response, road construction and interestingly by the Russian Space Program to recover space modules on their return to Earth.

"In Australia the Light Tower is already being used by airports, SES branches, government defence departments and local councils. But the applications for the Light Tower are numerous and varied. You could use it for promotion and advertising, at sporting events or anywhere you need a large space illuminated, quickly, easily and efficiently," said Mr Crocker.

The Aust Light Tower is affordable and economical selling for under $5,000, a third of the cost for similar lighting devices and it is also much cheaper to run. It is available in a low-frame and high-frame model, with the high-frame model made to fit a generator.

For more information contact Aust Light Tower on 02 9698 0177 or visit

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