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MEDIA RELEASE 19 August 2008

EESTECH and China's Datong Coal, sign clean coal energy agreement
EESTECH Inc. and China's Datong Coal Mine Group, based in Shanxi Province, have signed an exclusive agreement to undertake a feasibility and project development program that will use methane and waste coal to supply power for the mining operations.

The program, which will be based on EESTECH's Hybrid Coalmine Gas Technology (HCGT), uses methane and waste coal to produce clean energy.

The advantage of this process is that it not only uses waste material, but methane gas has a global warming potential twenty one times more damaging to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.

The HCGT technology was originally developed by a leading Australian owned Government research facility to demonstrate the conversion of coalmine methane and waste coal to clean energy.

EESTECH CEO Mr Murray Bailey said that schedules for the Datong Coal project have been developed and will commence with a comprehensive feasibility study.

"This study is required for site selection, plant sizing, determining methane emission volumes and project costs to support the necessary commercial agreements prior to the deployment of HCGT systems.

"EESTECH in collaboration with China's coal industry will demonstrate the benefits of the HCGT system, becoming a leading reference site supporting the commercial validation of waste to energy and the ability to provide cost-effective clean energy", Mr Bailey said.

A standard 10 mega watt HCGT plant will generate clean coal energy using ventilated coal mine methane and can produce up to 1 million carbon credits per year in the fight against Global Warming.

EESTECH (EESH.OB), which is publicly traded on the US Bulletin Board and operates a technical facility in Brisbane, Australia, also obtained the Asia-Pacific rights to the HTC Purenergy Carbon Capture technology in December 2007.

The HTC technology includes the world's first pre-engineered, modular, 1000 tonne per day carbon capture system known as the "CCS Purenergy Series", which when integrated with EESTECH's Hybrid Coal Gas Turbine (HCGT), utilises waste coal and methane to produce the energy required for carbon capture, meaning that the cost of carbon capture is significantly reduced.
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