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MEDIA RELEASE 19 August 2014

New HR tools to improve productivity
The biggest Australian player in the outsourced payroll industry, Aussiepay will be rebranding as Employgroup this week, in a move to provide solutions to manage the full spectrum of employee functions, and ultimately enhance the productivity for Australian businesses.

Dean Morelli, the Managing Director of Employgroup says the evolution of the company is in direct response to clients' requirements to comprehensively manage their employees.

"The spectrum of issues that arise in the course of managing employees is increasing in complexity and challenging. Over the past two years, following client requests, we have developed the capability to provide the full range of services, not just payroll compliance. Employgroup will be the first company to provide the complete spectrum of web based employee management solutions in the Australian market from payroll through to human resource management and award interpretation."

Employgroup is the new umbrella parent of a number of services including the existing Aussiepay and ePayroll, together with the new offerings of EquipHR, Synchronise and eCorporate.

Employgroup's new range of services is designed to enhance employee engagement for businesses - a vital element in improving business productivity.

"Employee engagement can make or break a business and has a real impact on performance. Staff who are actively and willingly engaged at work are far more productive, enthusiastic and committed to the success of their company. Employgroup's solutions will enable management to free up valuable time to engage with employees face-to-face," said Dean.

A 2013 Gallup report (The State of the Global Workplace) found that an estimated 76 percent of Australian employees are either not engaged or actively disengaged from their organisations. This can undermine business productivity and growth. The report states that the dissatisfaction is costing the economy about $54.8 billion a year.

Dean says that engaged staff are the business equivalent of rowers rowing in the same direction with a determination to win. Unified teams with a sense of purpose, ownership and a determination to win, result in better outcomes, both in sports teams and business.

"Our new suite of management products and services provide the systems, structure, discipline and transparency that regularise interactions between staff and leadership teams. This results in improved employee-employer relationships and ultimately improved productivity through better communication, time management and alignment," he said.

Employgroup will be officially launched at a function at the Museum of Contemporary Art on August 20, where guest speaker journalist and author Narelle Hooper will present her insight into the benefits of a workforce actively being engaged with their organisation.

Narelle Hooper is one of Australia's most respected communicators, with a deep understanding of what makes our leaders, companies and the economy tick. The former editor of the Australian Financial Review's highly regarded BOSS Magazine, Narelle is currently writing a book on employee engagement and its effects on the Australian economy.

About Dean Morelli
Dean Morelli is the founder of Aussiepay, Australia's leading provider of outsourced payroll solutions, and the newly appointed Managing Director of Employgroup.

Formed in early 1992, Aussiepay was built on Dean's belief that effective business process outsourcing solutions had to move beyond delivering technology alone - they also had to focus on service excellence. Dean led Aussiepay to become a multi-award winning company that thrives on client responsiveness, a quality focus and a commitment to reliability, accuracy and continual improvement.

Dean's entrepreneurial energy continues to be a driving force behind Employgroup's innovative approach to system and product development. Dean's focus at Employgroup is to build on foundation developments and provide the tools and systems that promote and encourage employee engagement within clients. Employee Engagement is recognised as the great untapped resource in the business landscape. Dean believes that the challenge is to remove the administrative burden that encumbers line managers in executing world class human capital management practices.

About Employgroup
Employgroup is a full service employee management provider including human resource management and time& attendance.

Launched in August 2014, the new service arms of Employgroup will include:

Aussiepay - the flagship payroll outsourcing solution
ePayroll - cloud-based payroll solution designed for the SME market
EquipHR - a new human resource information system (HRIS) including performance management, on-boarding skills matrix and employee exit
Synchronise - new time and attendance (T&A) system including award interpretation
eCorporate - full spectrum of cloud-based employee management solutions including payroll, HRIS and T&A

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