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MEDIA RELEASE 20 January 2009

Restoration product brings Sydney's Central Station sandstone facade back to life
In April 2008 Railcorp began a major project to refurbish the sandstone facade of Central Station. Part of the process involves using a unique NSW developed product called Cocoon that removes salt and contaminants and halts further deterioration. Cocoon is manufactured by Revesby-based company Westox.

The project is being overseen by RailCorp's Central Precinct Manager Glen Green who says that the improvements he has already seen are very obvious.

"Central Station was originally built in 1904 and then added to in 1926 so it has seen over one hundred years of dirt and grime from trains and cars that pass by each day.

"We had planned to upgrade the lighting on the outside of the station to highlight the sandstone but the treatment has brightened the facade so much the additional lighting is no longer required," Green said.

"An added benefit has also been the removal of any chemical residue that remained on the sandstone after graffiti removal. Over many years the graffiti has been removed using solvents or highly alkaline strippers and high pressure hoses and the sandstone has been damaged. We plan to use a modified Cocoon (D-Lam 20) for our ongoing graffiti removal," he added.

Stage One of the refurbishment of Central Station was carried out by Heritage Building Services and overseen by architects Otto Cserhalmi. The total project is to be carried out in five stages and will take place over three to four years and cost $8 million.

Cocoon is the brainchild of Westox Managing Director Barrie Cooper who spent the early part of his career as a plasterer. Cooper recognised the need for a product to remove salt from masonry and developed the product initially to treat salt contamination at Fort Denison on Sydney Harbour.

Cocoon works by drawing the salt out of the masonry it is applied to. Cocoon is sprayed or trowelled on in a 10mm thick layer where it slowly releases water into the masonry to place the build up of salts in the surface of the wall into solution. As the cocoon dries, the water containing the salts is drawn into it. The cocoon is then removed, along with the salt.

Westox is Australia's leading supplier of heritage restoration products and works closely with heritage architects and consultants to preserve buildings in Australia and around the world.

Westox manufactures over 70 innovative products including surface coatings, aesthetic protection products and renovation products. The underlying philosophy behind the product range is that heritage buildings and structures should be restored in an authentic way to ensure they are preserved for future generations.

Westox can be contacted on 02 9774 4100, 1300westox or

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