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MEDIA RELEASE 21 June 2004

Hotel & resort operators & guests motor along with utility vehicles

Hotel & resort operators & guests motor along with utility vehicles
A number of hotel and resort operators, including Couran Cove Island Resort and Hamilton Island, are using utility vehicles to motor staff, guests and equipment around their properties, improving safety and efficiency, and saving a lot of legwork.

Utility vehicles are battery or petrol engine cars which have been specially configured with features designed to meet the needs of the user, and are supplied by Club Car Australia, which is traditionally known for its manufacture of golf cars.

Couran Cove Island Resort, an eco-resort located on South Stradbroke Island off Queensland, has around 20 electric-powered utility vehicles which are used for a number of different functions.

“The resort is set on 400 acres so we use the Club Car vehicles to get people and produce around the Island, and our operations department uses them for maintenance work, and for tradespeople and their tools,” says Scott Hayden, Executive Assistant Manager of Couran Cove Island Resort.

“We still have the original Club Car vehicles we purchased six years ago in the early development of the resort when the roads were decomposed granite, so the fact that they’re still going strong today is a measure of their reliability,” says Mr Hayden.

One vehicle used at Couran Cove Island Resort has been configured as an ambulance for staff and guests, while another is a semi 4-wheel drive/ traction-control vehicle which is suitable for off-road use or on the beach and sand dunes.

Hamilton Island Enterprises has decided to standardise to all Club Car utility vehicles, and now has a fleet of around 120.

“We evaluated Club Car against other vehicles and trialled them on the Island and found that, given the hilly terrain they had to cope with, the Club Car vehicles were the best suited,” says Bob O’Toole, Executive General Manager of Hamilton Island Enterprises.

“Also, the Club Car vehicles are built for road use rather than being modified golf cars, and we’ve found the service and support from Club Car has been outstanding.

“We have a fleet of 75 4-seater cars for the use of guests in our apartments and villas, as well as additional cars for the use of our administration staff.

“We also have a range of specialist vehicles for gardening, earthworks, and sewage maintenance, and “Carry All” vehicles with a stretched tray are used by our painters and maintenance staff,” says Mr O’Toole.

Club Car Australia has a dedicated division devoted to the supply of utility vehicles for specific industry purposes with an Alternate Vehicle Solutions (AVS) section that specifically deals with the design of specialised vehicles for each individual purpose. Club Car can be contacted at its head office in Sydney on 1800 680 008.

Released for Club Car Australia by Dennis Rutzou Public Relations.
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