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MEDIA RELEASE 22 August 2006

My Buy Ė Mercedes-Benz ML 500
Photo: Michael Booth, Northbridge Consultant in the transport industry, likes to travel long distances in his Mercedes-Benz ML 500.

Q: Which dealer did you purchase the vehicle from?
A: Morrisons Mercedes-Benz in Chatswood.

Q: Why did you get the ML Class?
A: I wanted to change my Lexus. The new version of the ML Class was coming out when I bought it in January and it had very good reviews in the European and American press. I went to Morrisons in Chatswood to have a look at it. I was very happy to find out that Mercedes-Benz had made great improvements on their latest model.

Q: How does the ML Class compare with your previous car?
A: The Mercedes-Benz is much more refined and solid than the Lexus I had. I often do long-distance trips to Melbourne for example, and it is partly why I chose a ML. With its comfort and space, itís a better cruising car for long journeys.

Q: What do you most like about the ML Class?
A: Itís very comfortable, easy and smooth to drive and it has good performance. But I would say that what I particularly love about the car is how spacious it is, especially at the back. We have three grandchildren who, like any child, require a lot of space and my car gives me easy access to the back seats. Itís a must when you have young children.

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