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MEDIA RELEASE 22 September 2010

24-hour fitness club sponsors 24-hour world bike champion
Anytime Fitness, a 24-hour gym franchise, is sponsoring Australian mountain bike rider and current 24-hour world champion, Jason English, to compete in the upcoming world championships. Held in Canberra on 9-10 October, the world championships are the biggest and most gruelling 24-hour solo mountain bike event ever held.

Jason said Anytime Fitness' sponsorship gives him the necessary support to be able to travel to various races.

"Anytime Fitness has allowed me to compete in events I wouldn't normally be able to attend due to financial constraints. Plus, the concept of 24-hour access to a gym is a great fit with the type of mountain bike racing I do which is 24-hour racing," said Jason English.

The 24-hour race is a lap-based event where the riders must complete as many laps as possible in 24 hours.

In preparation for the race, Jason has been training for two to three hours most days of the week, incorporating hills to his regime to prepare for Canberra's hilly race profile.

According to Jason, those wanting to compete in a bike racing competition for the first time should make sure to follow these three tips:

1. Consistent training is very important. You can't just train a few days here and there. If you want the race to be easy you need to do the work prior.
2. Nutrition is the next most important thing. Getting your race nutrition sorted is the difference between a fun race and a miserable one.
3. Finally, you need to pace yourself during the event. You need to ride to your ability and not get sucked into going faster than what you can maintain for the duration of the race.

Anytime Fitness wishes Jason the best of luck during the world championships which are held on 9 and 10 October at Stromlo Forest Park.

About Anytime Fitness
Anytime Fitness is a convenient 24-hour fitness club franchise with 1,300 clubs around the world including 41 clubs open with 140 territories sold in Australia and four clubs open with 15 territories sold in New Zealand.

Anytime Fitness provides affordable access to a wide variety of high quality cardio, strength and free weight equipment by world leading companies such as Life Fitness as well as shower facilities.

For more information, visit or call 1300 766 202.

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