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MEDIA RELEASE 23 August 2004


Australian desalination company rated world competitive
Aqua Dyne, Australia’s newest company specialising in thermal desalination, has been rated as being one of the world’s leading systems in an independent report by international environmental and engineering consultants Maunsell.

Aqua Dyne is Brisbane-based and operates a pilot plant and production facility at Stapylton, which is located between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The organisation has now expanded nationally and has opened an office in Sydney.

The independent report by Maunsell and their Chicago affiliate Metcalf and Eddy, made a cost and technical comparison of the Aqua Dyne JetWater system with a range of other commercial water desalination technologies available around the world.

Maunsell rated the Aqua Dyne system as one of the best overall in the market based on both technical and cost criteria provided by Aqua Dyne.

Thermal desalination of water is based on evaporation, which duplicates nature’s own purification process, by heating water and condensing the steam.

Although the Aqua Dyne technology is based on well-known and widely understood chemical and thermo-dynamic principles, the organisation has refined the processes to greatly increase effectiveness and efficiency.

This has been achieved as a result of four and a half years of research and development involving significant design and process improvements.

The current pilot plant at Stapylton can desalinate or purify seawater, bore water or liquid waste, making it suitable for providing the daily water needs for remote and rural communities, although initial applications are more likely to be in the mining, mineral processing, power generation or food processing industries.

According to Aqua Dyne Managing Director Jim Wilson a major benefit of their technology is environmental as, in brackish water applications, it can purify up to 97% of the feed-water, compared to less than 80% for the reverse osmosis or membrane systems.

“This means that where membrane systems are used, significant volumes of waste water have to be stored or disposed of as concentrated brine. This typically involves evaporation ponds, which are unsightly, costly to construct and maintain and leave a long-term environmental legacy.

“Our JetWater system has been designed on a modular basis with few moving parts and no membranes to clog and foul.

“In looking at specific applications, our approach is to work with the client on the problem to come up with an overall solution, rather than just water purification. For example, not only can we clean up liquid waste, but extract important process chemicals for reuse in their operations.

“By using surplus energy, such as waste heat or steam, an Aqua Dyne JetWater system has the potential to generate greenhouse gas credits.

“We are convinced that we have state of the art, world class water treatment technology,” Jim Wilson said.

Although the Aqua Dyne technology has been developed in Australia, the organisation has gone off shore to raise their development funds, with their parent company Aqua Dyne Inc. traded on the OTC Bulletin Board.
Released on behalf of Aqua Dyne by Dennis Rutzou Public Relations. For further information please contact Dennis Rutzou or David Lizzio
on (02) 9413 4244.

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