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MEDIA RELEASE 23 October 2008

Corporate Express expands support for workers with expansion of Fair-trade range
Leading office and business essentials supplier Corporate Express began selling fair-trade coffee in 2006 and has recently expanded its range to include tea, drinking chocolate and sugar. The range now includes over 40 fair-trade products.

Fair-trade, an alternative approach to international trade, seeks to ensure that small-scale farmers and plantation workers receive a fair price for their crops and labour and work under safe conditions. Fair-trade is a hugely successful international trend worth over a billion dollars and growing.

According to Oxfam, Australia's growth in Fair-trade products such as coffee is ranked the fastest in the world with sales up from $150,000 in 2003 to more than $6.5 million in 2006 and still increasing at more than 50 per cent every year.

Corporate Express' sales of fair-trade coffee has also grown steadily according to the National Merchandising Manager Anthony Izzillo.

"Customer feedback to date has been very positive. A number of our large corporate clients have added fair-trade products to their orders despite the products costing them a slight premium," said Izzillo.

"We are expanding the range because many of our customers have been requesting more options and are telling us that they are prepared to pay a little bit more to make an ethical purchase to serve fair-trade products in their boardrooms and to their staff," he added.

The original brand that Corporate Express introduced two years ago was Republica coffee and it has proved very popular with customers.

RepublicaŽ coffee is the brainchild of Jacqueline Arias, a Colombian-born Australian who believes passionately in helping her birthplace develop and in creating great tasting ethical coffee.

Recently introduced to the Corporate Express range are roasted coffee beans, ground and instant coffee, drinking chocolate and sugar all from Jasper Coffee.

Jasper Coffee is an Australian-owned family business that sources coffee beans from all over the world but mainly from tropical locations. Jasper Coffee roasts and blends Double A grade Arabica coffees and offers the largest selection of specialty coffees as well as tea and rich drinking chocolate from the top range to more accessible.

A selection of fair-trade teas including green and black teas has also been added to the range and are supplied by Scarborough Fair.

Scarborough Fair is distributed by a New Zealand company, Lighthouse Ventures, and is the innovation of American Sarah Scarborough. Scarborough developed an interest in the tea market and scoured the globe to find someone with the same passion to establish Scarborough Fair.

Committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) across numerous facets of its business operations, Corporate Express offers its staff and visitors a range of fair-trade products in their own offices around Australia.

Corporate Express is one of Australia's leading suppliers of business essentials and has over 50 branches around Australia and New Zealand.

For more information about Corporate Express, call 13 26 44 or visit the website at

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