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MEDIA RELEASE 23 November 2006

Local businesses find access to national markets through BBX
Local businesses in Tamworth are reaping the benefits of increased sales and an extended client base through using the BBX trading system to trade goods and services both locally and Australia wide.

The Renovators Bargain Centre was one of the first in Tamworth to begin using the BBX trading system. Business Director Les Wood says BBX can open up many opportunities for regional businesses.

“Since joining as a BBX business member, we have picked up a larger client base, not only in the local area but outside as well. Most recently we have sold toilet suites worth over $3000 to a BBX member in Melbourne. We have also been getting a lot of enquires from South Australia, Coffs Harbour and as far up as Brisbane, where many have taken on the BBX system and this easier way of trading,” Mr. Wood said.

As an expanding business itself, BBX has also given Mr. Wood’s business international contacts.

“As BBX continues to increase member businesses in countries like India and China we could be buying our stock from places like that. This kind of outsourcing will give our business a great advantage,” Mr. Wood said.

Alan Marsh, owner and principal mechanical technician of Gunnedah Diesel Service, has also found the value of doing business using the BBX trading system.

“I joined BBX as a business member to gain more customers outside the local area. The majority of my customers are farmers and due to current drought conditions they do not need my service as much as they use to. By using the BBX trading system I knew I would be able to come into contact with more customers,” he said.

“BBX has also given me the opportunity to access suppliers that I normally could not. I have already been able to outsource mechanical components from the Sunshine Coast and Queanbeyan,” Alan said.

Noel Chand, Manager of the North West franchise believes BBX can provide Tamworth’s businesses with the chance to build strong business networks and provide immense opportunities for business growth, especially in small regional areas where running a business can be difficult.

“BBX aims to provide the opportunity for these local members to do business with other local and national businesses they usually would not encounter or even think to deal with. This will assist members to be well connected within their regional environment and have an extended contact base within the larger national and even international BBX network,” Mr. Chand said.
BBX facilitates the ‘cashless’ trading of goods and services between member businesses, allowing these members to trade without using cash or credit but rather trade dollars, to assign the value to transactions that take place between them. BBX members in Australia and New Zealand transacted $146 million in trade for the 2006 financial year.

Also available to BBX members is an interest free line of credit of up to $100,000 Trade dollars. BBX has approximately 307,000 members in Australia, New Zealand, India and China and making it the world’s largest reciprocal trade exchange in membership terms. The company successfully listed on the ASX in August 2005 to become the only publicly listed trade exchange in Australasia.

In September, BBX announced a record net profit after tax of $1.080 million for the year ending June 2006. This is an increase of $825,000 or up 323 percent on the previous year.

The BBX North West franchise can be contacted on 02 6766 7064.

Released for BBX by Dennis Rutzou Public Relations.
For further information contact Fiona Pennington or Louise Wesolowski on (02) 9413 4244.

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