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MEDIA RELEASE 23 November 2006

BRBA reveals new online database in release of three-year Business Plan
The Buy Recycled Business Alliance (BRBA) has just released a three-year Business Plan for 2006-09 outlining key actions and objectives for the organisation. The Plan also outlines the development of a national online database of recycled content products (RCPs) for businesses.

Lara Barclay, Executive Director of the BRBA, said the Plan came out of a detailed review of the strategic direction of the BRBA.

“With attention increasingly turning towards the environmental and social impacts of climate change, the enhanced energy and water efficiencies associated with manufacturing products from secondary resources must be recognised and championed,” Ms Barclay said.

“The BRBA provides companies with practical help to influence the demand for RCPs by encouraging the purchase of RCPs, which strongly contributes to corporate sustainability.

“With the launch of our three-year Business Plan we remain convinced that driving demand for recycled content products through buying recycled is central to creating a successful Australian recycling market that will contribute strongly to corporate sustainability,” she said.

A key aspect of the three-year Business Plan includes the development of an online database of recycled content products to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ of detailed information on RCPs nationally.

“We are currently working with BRBA members as well as state and national governments to invite manufacturers across Australia to contribute to the database by providing information on their recycled content products,” Ms Barclay said.

Whilst many Australian businesses are embracing more sustainable practices, there is often still a common misconception about recycling and a lack of awareness about recycled content products, according to Barclay,

“Recycling and buying recycled should be a key component of a company’s sustainability strategies as it is a simple way for all businesses to improve environmental performance. The breakdown of waste in landfill releases greenhouse gases, which is a contributor to the worldwide problem of global warming. In addition, manufacturing RCPs from secondary resources generally requires less water and energy,” she said.

“The BRBA provides an opportunity for companies to promote their business. We’re now also making it easier for small businesses to access all the benefits of BRBA membership with our new Micro Business member category for companies with a turnover of less than one million,” she said.

The BRBA was founded in 1999 as a business-led initiative that would provide a forum to promote greater uptake of recycled content products (RCPs) across Australia.

Foundation members of the BRBA include Amcor, McDonalds, Visy Industries, Foster’s Group, Corporate Express, Fuji Xerox and Australian Paper.

To download a copy of the three-year Business Plan, please visit or call 1300 662 593.

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