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New development could solve island energy problem
A low cost, efficient and reliable source of energy is a problem faced by most island communities which are forced to rely on diesel power or imported LPG and the subsequent exposure to the twists and turns of world oil and gas prices.

But a Brisbane innovator could have come up with the solution with an environmentally friendly, modular, small scale system of turning waste such as animal manure and fruit and vegetables, even kitchen and human waste into free energy that can be used for heating, electricity or as an engine fuel.

Ron Lakin has developed the BioBowser, a small scale, affordable and practical bio digester that produces methane gas and after the gas is extracted the leftover material can be used as a nutrient-rich fertilizer.

The BioBowser not only results in massive energy cost savings, but also has significant environmental benefits as methane is a highly destructive greenhouse gas that is rated as twenty seven times more destructive than CO2.

The principal of converting waste to methane has been known for centuries. On his epic journey in the 13th century Marco Polo commented that the Chinese were tapping gas from the sewers and using it for cooking. Large intensive farms in Australia like piggeries, dairies, feedlots and abattoirs have long been harvesting methane to use as an energy source. But these require large one-off systems that can cost millions to build even though they pay back the capital outlay in energy savings in a few years.

With the BioBowser, methane bio digesting is now accessible to smaller scale operations such as island communities and tourist resorts.

"All we need to know is the quantity of waste available on a regular basis and the energy requirements, and we can tailor the BioBowser system to suit the individual needs. If the amount of waste increases or more gas is needed we can put in more units as the system is modular," Ron says.

"For example, a village with 50 kg of mixed waste a day will produce approximately 4M3 which will give about 3-4 Kg heat equivalent of LPG and with an average island LPG price of AUD$4 a Kg this could be valued at AUD$12 to 16 a day.

"This amount of gas could provide sufficient energy for cooking and heating purposes, but each BioBowser has to be tailored to meet the individual requirements as far as the amount of waste available and purposes that the methane if to be used for.

"Our approach is very much in line with the United Nations Green Climate Fund, which now has pledges from world Governments totalling $10 billion and is designed to bring green energy and lift living standards in the Asia Pacific and Indonesian island communities," Ron Lakin said.

About BioBowser Technologies: BioBowser is a small Australian start-up company that provides an environmentally-conscious waste solution that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the cost of waste treatment, while producing clean burning biogas for heating, cooking or converting into green electricity.

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