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Ceiling fans reduce energy consumption in commercial environments
Cairns-based engineering firm MGF Consultants is utilising the humble ceiling fan in many of its commercial projects with the main objective of reducing energy consumption.

MGF is working with leading Australian ceiling fan manufacturer and designer Hunter Pacific and is increasingly specifying ceiling fans in commercial jobs including offices.

According to MGF's Lighting & Sustainability Expert Carl Gray, the first step was to install ceiling fans in their own office to really test the concept before recommending it to clients.

"What we found was that having ceiling fans set on medium all day allows us to run our air-conditioning at a temperature of 25.5 degrees rather than the typical 23.5 degrees most office environments would favour, which has considerably reduced our energy consumption.

"In our office we are using Hunter Pacific Sycamore fans because of their unique design. The Sycamore has an air-foil design making it quiet and able to distribute airflow more broadly that typical ceiling fans so papers are not blown off desks.

"In our office of 20 people we have one ceiling fan for each workstation pod that houses three workers and it seems to be the optimum number," he said.

"Before we settled on the use of ceiling fans we looked at the science behind it and discovered that there were four measures influencing whether people feel hot or cold: ambient temperature (the number on the thermometer); radiant temperature (heat or cold reflected from surfaces); humidity; and air movement which is where ceiling fans factor in," he added.

MGF Consultants has also specified fans in a number of office locations including a recent large government installation.

"We are finding that ceiling fans are particularly popular in 'green' buildings. These buildings often have higher ceilings to allow more natural light and therefore are better for ceiling fan installation.

"It's curious that the sustainability message is really getting through and we are returning to many design concepts that can be traced back to the 1930s with higher ceilings, more natural light and less fluorescent lighting," he added.
"Ceiling fans are not suitable for every job but we're certainly included them where we can because of their many benefits".

Hunter Pacific International is a leading Australian-owned designer and worldwide distributor of ceiling and exhaust fans and accessories in both residential and commercial environments.

For more information on Hunter Pacific and its products, visit or call (02) 9658 1958.

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