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MEDIA RELEASE 27 April 2009

Breakthrough concept for increased feedback and participation in clubs, pubs, retail outlets and more
The new onsite text polling service from The Global Poll encourages audience or customer feedback and participation. It allows event coordinators, marketers and venues to run instant opinion polls or competitions with attendees, inviting them to text their answer using their mobile phone.

The system is the brainchild of Australian telecoms-industry expert Bruce Mott, CEO and founder of The Global Poll who identified a need for a text polling service for small and medium businesses that does not charge premium rates or require the user to sign-up to receive unsolicited messages.

"This new service is ideal for use in venues like clubs & pubs, large outdoor events like sporting activities or retail outlets such as supermarkets. It aids in gaining instant market research on products or brands, allows businesses to understand their customer's needs and entertains and encourages interaction with customers.

"We designed onsite text polling to be easy to use and also to be a tool that can provide instant feedback. It has many applications and we see it as a great way for marketers to engage their audience and encourage interaction," said Mr Mott.

During a poll or competition, the results are generated instantly and because the system is hosted online, the results can be displayed on venue screens as the poll runs or simply on posters throughout the venue. The poll can also be viewed offsite anywhere around the globe where internet access is available.

In the case of retail outlets, the competition or poll details can be printed on point-of-sale material and is an instant and efficient way to get market research on particular products or brands.

The onsite text polling service facilitates many activities such as running interactive competitions, asking patrons to respond to a question and offering give-aways as incentives, even gauging music tastes by running a poll asking what style of music club-goers prefer or it can be used as a feedback mechanism for seminars and conferences.

"We developed the service to be flexible enough so it can be used for many applications. For instance an organiser can run multiple polls simultaneously in the one venue or at different locations," added Mr Mott.

The Global Poll also offers a high speed online polling service to be launched on 12 May 2009. It allows any person or organisation to undertake a poll or polls at no cost to the pollster or voter. It can be used to reach a global group of opinion-leaders and it is able to capture results and voter demographics to present them in real time.

For more information on The Global Poll's text polling service, visit or call 1300 79 82 83.

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