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Warrnambool artist to demonstrate and exhibit at Brisbane's EKKA
Warrnambool artist Simon Rigg, who paints by holding the brush in his mouth, will demonstrate his technique and enter two of his paintings in competition at the EKKA in Brisbane from 7 to 16 August.

Simon has been a quadriplegic since 1982 when he suffered an accident while repairing the roof of a shed at the back of his property and fell ten feet to the ground.

One of his paintings that he will enter was used as a jigsaw illustration and is of the alphabet and has objects, such as apples and bees to yachts and zippers that are correspond to the letters.

His other painting is of an Australian bush scene which Simon says was inspired by the country in the Warrnambool district where he grew up and has always provided him with a rich source of scenery for his paintings.

Simon said that this is the third time he has been to the EKKA and he says he is delighted to have the opportunity to compete in the competition and show off his painting technique and meet the public.

"I particularly like meeting the children as I have nine grandchildren, who range in age from two to 18, and I am always intrigued by their interest and the questions they ask," he said.

About the MFPA
The MFPA was established in Australia in 1971 and currently has 16 members around the country.

To become a student member an artist must qualify by painting using a brush held in either their mouth or foot, having lost the use of their hands through an illness or accident. Student members receive scholarships for art supplies and tuition. Once an artist becomes a full member or associate they are guaranteed a salary for life, even if they are unable to continue painting.

For further information on the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists contact MFPA on (02) 9698 3933 or visit

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