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Global Carbon Exchange 'enables' Federal Government's link to European carbon scheme
Sydney - London: With the Federal Government announcing plans to link the Australian and European carbon pricing schemes, Wayne Sharpe, chief executive officer of electronic carbon trading platform, Carbon Trade Exchange predicts the news to be a huge step towards a truly global carbon trading market.

"This change in policy enables Australia to open itself up to the growing carbon trading markets across Europe, Australasia and the US.

"The development is everything we've been working towards for the past five years. We moved our headquarters from London UK to Sydney Australia in the belief that carbon trading would become a highly lucrative global market, and that the markets would link" said Sharpe.

"Currently our technology provides the only way Australian businesses will be able transact electronically in real time with the newly linked European carbon trading market."

"There is no better time to be onboard with carbon trading than now. A key benefit for businesses is that they can now purchase credits in Australia to meet their carbon emissions obligations in the UK and vice versa. Companies will soon be able to buy Compliance credits online directly off our custom built exchange - as they currently can for voluntary offsetting - to become carbon neutral" he said.

Carbon credits in the Regulated and Voluntary market are at very low prices from where industry, investment, banking and government bodies expect them to be over the next 5 years and beyond.

About Carbon Trade Exchange

A wholesale market place for third parties to buy or sell carbon credits, with fees predominantly based on transactions, Carbon Trade Exchange is the only global exchange for the buying and selling of quality, trusted Carbon credits in a seamless electronic exchange from any computer or mobile device linked to the internet.
Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX) is company founded by Australian entrepreneur Wayne Sharpe and provides a secure, global, electronic trading platform for companies, NGO's, originators, brokers, banks and intermediaries (members) in 22 countries.

Carbon Trade Exchange supports the trading of carbon credits that originate under both the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CERs) and International voluntary standards (VERs), such as VCS and Gold Standard, maximising the global reach of its trading platform and the liquidity of its carbon credits.

Carbon Trade Exchange has partnered with banks, registries and voluntary standards to ensure that all carbon credits traded on the exchange originate from high quality, verified carbon projects as well as being legitimately owned by the seller involved.

Wayne Sharpe, founder of Bartercard, the world's largest credit unit exchange, used many of the same features of the award-wining software/systems developed for Bartercard, uniquely redeveloped for the Carbon sector and the internet.

Carbon Trade Exchange has its headquarters in Sydney, Australia and an office in London, plus links to major Carbon registries globally. The NSW government supported CTX's move to Sydney from London.

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