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MEDIA RELEASE 29 March 2007

Ecowash Mobile celebrates Women in Franchising month
With Women in Franchising month coming up in April, women franchisees reveal an outstanding business opportunity with a waterless car washing and detailing franchise.

Sue Taylor and Elia Napiza, franchisees of Ecowash Mobile Sydney Central, spoke at the recent Franchising Expo in Sydney.

Sue believes that they have found a great business opportunity for women.

“Owning my own business is a complete lifestyle change. I was office-bound for 20 years and now not only do I work outside but I have more freedom in regards to when and how hard I decide to work,” she said.

“With Ecowash Mobile, we can work around and manage both our family life and business.

“Of course, as with any other business, we also face new challenges everyday as we learn new things and change the way we operate. One of the biggest challenges we come across is to convince people that we can clean their car without water. We offer demonstrations to show that an Ecowash can be done and that it gives amazing results,” she said.

Nej Rawnsley operates the Queensland Master Franchise as well as the Brisbane local franchise with her husband.

“We wanted to work for ourselves and be in control of our financial future. With Ecowash Mobile, we have a great flexibility. Plus, it is such an innovative idea. We love introducing the new concept to customers and see their reactions. They’re just blown away,” she said.

The Franchise Council of Australia has dedicated April to Women in Franchising, which aims to establish a national support network for women that will provide opportunities for professional development and promote the success of women in franchising.

The Ecowash Mobile approach uses an exclusive product range that includes a 2-in-1 wash and polish biodegradable compound. The compound is sprayed onto the car exterior, encapsulates surface dirt that is then removed with a soft cloth. The polish does not only leave a protective coating that lasts four to six weeks, but the whole process is guaranteed not to scratch.

The complete range of products enables a full detail inside and out including leather treatment, bumper renovation and scratch removal. To ensure long lasting protection of your car, Ecowash Mobile has also just introduced new protection options for paint, fabric and carpet or leather.

A variety of services are on offer, from a basic waterless wash and polish right through to a full detail called an Extreme Ecowash, to suit individual car owners, through to car dealers, smash repairers and corporate fleets.

For more information call 1 800 ECOWASH (1 800 326 927) or visit

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For further information please call Teanne Ryan or Kim Larochelle on (02) 9413 4244.

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