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MEDIA RELEASE 30 August 2010

North Sydney high-rise to recycle three million litres of water per year
The Ark building, the new landmark on the North Sydney CBD skyline, is set to recycle up to three million litres of water annually thanks to its greywater recycling plant.

Located at 40 Mount Street, the Ark was completed in May this year and represents the first high-rise commercial building to achieve 6 Star Green Star V2 Design rating in NSW. Its rating can be attributed to sustainable features including its greywater recycling plant conceived by water recycling company Aquacell.

The building's greywater recycling plant treats water from hand basins and showers to the highest standards approved by NSW Health. The water is then re-distributed around the building for use in the cooling tower and for flushing toilets.

According to Aquacell CEO Colin Fisher, the Ark's greywater recycling plant saves up to 10,000 litres of precious drinking water a day.

"Recycling is an important means to secure Sydney's drinking supplies. Greywater makes up around 30 to 50 per cent of wastewater discharged into our sewers. So greywater recycling can help buildings like the Ark to cut their water use by up to half, reducing the volume of greywater unnecessarily being discharged in our sewers," Fisher explained.

"We have found that developers and architects are increasingly looking at innovative ways to decrease their buildings' footprint on the environment and achieve higher green star rating. Water recycling becomes an integral part of their plan," he added.

Given the Ark building's location, space was another important factor in selecting the water recycling plant which only takes up the equivalent of two car park spaces.

The Aquacell recycling plant is remotely monitored 24 hours, seven days per week by expert Aquacell staff. It uses a dual pipe system, which means the recycled water is transported in a separate pipe system to the drinking water (‘mains water').

In addition to the Aquacell greywater recycling plant, the Ark's sustainable features also include a tri-generation power supply, energy efficient lighting combined with maximum use of natural light, charging bays for hybrid/electric cars and cycling facilities.

The 28,500-square metre building, which has also been awarded a 5 Star NABERS energy rating, was designed by architectural firm Rice Daubney. It is owned by Investa and currently occupied by Vodafone Hutchison Australia and Coca Cola Amatil.

About Aquacell
Aquacell builds and operates water recycling plants around Australia for business, industry and government.

Aquacell's focus is on non-potable (non-drinking) water for use in a variety of applications including surface irrigation, clothes washing and toilets. Aquacell's plants recycle greywater which is water discharged from showers, baths, basins and washing machines; and blackwater which is any water that has been contaminated with water discharged from a toilet.

Aquacell was awarded the first combined private network and retailer's license for water recycling by the NSW Department of Water. The license has been granted under the Water Industry Competition Act 2006 (WICA) and it enables Aquacell to work with developers to go ahead with large developments without connecting to centralised sewerage.

For more information visit or phone 1300 Aquacell (278 223).

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