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Media Releases - 2005

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The following is a list of DRPR media releases from 2005:

Date Title
16 December Waterless car washer by day, racing car driver by night
14 December Amazing talent of mouth painting artist on display at local gallery
28 November Fairfield resident helps locals save water while keeping their cars clean
28 November European patent allowed for Aqua Dyne water purification technology
23 November Sydney Airport trials new runway debris detection radar
23 November BBX to expand to overseas markets
17 November Local disabled artist's talent shines for the holiday season
10 November $12,680 of free fuel on offer for North Shore residents
09 November The Essential Ingredient moves to Crows Nest
01 November The need to save water means big business
27 October Gold Coast leads the way with barter tourism
25 October Synthetic grass surface could be the answer for Telstra Dome
19 October Waterless car detailing company wins Small Business award
11 October No-water, no-mow lawn comes to Geelong
11 October Need for a re-think on use of household grey water
10 October Morrison Motors opens new state-of-the-art showroom in Chatswood
07 October Millions of litres of water saved by waterless car washing
05 October New team takes over at Noble Beverages
05 October Synthetic sports surfaces a $10M market for local company
19 September Food gem on the Ďotherí side of the Bridge
22 September Leading rainwater tank supplier critical of HIA submission
15 September Out of sight water tank that captures more water
13 September Synthetic sporting fields in Australia? Only a matter of time
12 September Fabulous Christmas food ideas from The Essential Ingredient
25 August Wineries benefit from barter during industry crisis
23 August Government departmentís trial synthetic lawn
12 August Local Port Macquarie residents rewarded with $28,500 of free fuel
12 August BBX debuts on ASX
08 August Australia: a world leader in sports footwear innovation
28 July Amazing talent of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists to be displayed at the Royal Brisbane Show once again
19 July Childs Family Kindergartens exceeds profit forecast
12 July Waterless detailing for cars on water-restricted North Shore
07 July Aqua Dyne to form partnership in United Arab Emirates
07 July Young entrepreneurs to get a helping hand
06 July Discount fuel program rides in to rescue independent outlets
05 July Childs Family Kindergartens achieves Prospectus revenue forecast
28 June New landlord insurance policy has a cash bonus and other benefits
23 June Developer chooses unique lawn for childcare centres
17 June Local businesses can now trade using barter
16 June Waterless wash for new Sonata launch cars
14 June Morrisonís new Chatswood showroom on track for October completion
06 June The drought resistant, no-water lawn
26 May Local discount fuel program to rival Coles and Woolworths chain comes to Camden Haven
17 May The new 'efficient' forklift
17 May Well-loved disabled artist will be missed
12 May Customers are rewarded for supporting local businesses
11 May Get your warehouse up and running with the help of a new software package
05 May Local disabled artist launches second solo exhibition
29 April Desalination specialists at OzWater 2005
28 April Real Insurance launches its first life insurance product
26 April Local discount fuel program to rival Coles and Woolworths chain comes to Central Coast
22 April Incentive for local Rabbitohs supporters to increase sponsorship
13 April Local disabled artistís stunning paintings recognised in two prestigious art awards
08 April Local discount fuel program to rival Coles and Woolworths chain
06 April Real Insurance to launch major television campaign
06 April China catching up in the quality stakes
22 March Property investors barter their way into real estate
17 March Local disabled artistís wins first place in art award
15 March Trucking companies should be wary of aluminium tailgates
10 March Russell Crowe's 'Cinderella Man' joins Real Insurance as major sponsor of the Rabbitohs
09 March BBX closes IPO and will pursue listing in 2005
08 March Dover Heights resident brings his putting green to new heights
16 February CSIRO forms alliance with Australian thermal desalination company
15 February Employee fraud can be a double-edged sword
03 February New Major Sponsor for the Real Rabbitohs
03 February New entrant to revitalise the insurance market
20 January Luxury homes embrace synthetic putting greens & lawns
20 January Trucking companies should be wary of aluminium tailgates
19 January Wineries at risk of workplace fraud
10 January No-mow, no-water synthetic lawns pass the pet-friendly test in homes around Australia
10 January Relief now available for Local Government employees with distressing condition