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Case Study: The power of media training - The Almond Board of Australia

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DRPR worked with the Almond Board of Australia to promote the almond blossom season throughout August and to counter some negative publicity that played out in the media earlier in the year and media training played an important role.

For this project, it was important address the concerns of the media, the almond industry and consumers and deliver a positive message about the state of the almond industry in Australia.

The Australian almond industry is undergoing rapid expansion and is the fastest growing almond industry in the world. It currently produces around three per cent of the world's almonds, heavily dominated by California (82 per cent). However it is forecast that Australia will surpass Spain (eight per cent) to become the world's second largest almond producer within the decade.

Almond blossoms

To effectively position the industry and educate the market about its growth, DRPR arranged a number of media interviews for the CEO Julie Haslett with journalists from key publications like the Australian Financial Review, the Weekly Times, Victorian Country Hour, the Land, the Sydney Morning Herald and many more. To ensure Julie was well prepared and confident to deal with media interviews, DRPR organised for Julie to undergo media training.

Media training is an important tool to help spokespeople handle and confidently answer questions that, in some instances, may be difficult. Media training will typically cover a number of techniques to help stay focused on the key messages, control nerves and create a good impression for the audience. A trainer will also cover how the media operates and what they are generally looking for in a story.

As a result of DRPR's work, Julie had successful interviews with numerous media outlets where she effectively conveyed the positive aspects of the Australian almond industry. DRPR also secured media coverage about the almond industry in a range of publications including television, print, radio and online.