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Each week on Dennis' program Business Break on FM 99.3, interview guests offer very valuable tips to listeners. We thought we'd pass on some of the most helpful of these to you.

Business Break Tips

Andrew May, the author of 'Flip the switch', a book that offers practical advice on how to develop the new skill-set to survive in the modern work environment. The following tips focus on attaining a work-life balance:

  • Work smarter not harder - this involves taking some time out by having regular holidays or mini breaks
  • Sleep for an extra half an hour each night - this will do wonders for your energy levels.

Paul Griffiths of which is an online video-based presentation skills training program offers some advice on how to make the most of your presentations:

  • To avoid stage fright you need to begin breathing better - deeper and more controlled breaths will allow you to avoid nervousness and speak more clearly

The best way to get a point across is to stick to this simple formula when planning a presentation:

  • Point
  • Reason
  • Evidence
  • Point/Outcome