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Case Study: Who said accountants are boring!

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Case Study
For the past 18 months DRPR has been working with a dynamic and interesting accounting firm to 'help them stand out in the corporate jungle'.

Azure Group was founded in 2002 by accountant Michael Derin who has really broken the mould in the accounting field. Derin had a vision to offer an outsourced CFO service to SMEs who rarely have access to strategic level commercial advice.

From day one DRPR worked with Derin to establish him as a credible spokesperson in the accounting field. This involved establishing relationships with key journalists from media outlets like The Australian Financial Review, BRW, Charter magazine, Dynamic Business, Sky Business channel and more.

These relationships led to great exposure in the aforementioned publications and outlets including a number of appearances on Sky Business' Money Makers program.

More importantly it means that Derin is often asked to comment on issues of importance to the accounting profession from a number of key journalists on an ongoing basis.

DRPR's work has also extended to the Azure Group website where the agency has played an integral role in the drafting of copy as well as overall usability, layout and optimisation advice.

Another DRPR initiative involved entering Azure Group in a number of business awards including Awards in 2008 where they were named in 18th position of the top 50 companies. Anything but boring.