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DRPR case study - striving for client delight

There are three main values we foster at DRPR: teamwork, professionalism and client delight ('satisfaction' wasn't good enough... we decided to aim for 'delight').

Client delight means meeting and exceeding expectations, encouraging respect and empathy and adding a 'little bit extra' on a regular basis to strengthen the rapport with our clients.

The concept of 'client delight' is very important, particularly for professional services firms where key components of the relationship are trust, synergy and cultural alignment between the client's and agency's teams. The client/firm association will be most successful when the firm works with the client and is essentially a part of the team.

Client delight also leads to positive word-of-mouth, the most powerful referral an organisation can have.

So what are some of the ways you can foster 'client delight' within your organisation? It may be a matter of, for example, highlighting your client's birthday, celebrating business and personal milestones, inviting your client out to lunch, offering more than expected, taking some treats with you at your next meeting and so on.

Essentially, client delight is all about having your clients 'top of mind' as realistically, they are the reason for your business' success.

By @KimLarochelle