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Case study: Bringing almond advertising to life

Australian almonds are healthy, tasty and versatile, but one would rarely think of almonds much beyond this point.

April is the month of the year when freshly harvested almonds reach our stores around the country. As the PR agency representing the Almond Board of Australia (ABA), we wanted to stir a real buzz around this period of the year.

The ABA also wanted to inject fun, energy and life into its 'New season's almonds' campaign focusing on the great taste of newly harvested almonds.

Based on this brief, DRPR developed the concept of a stunt featuring a dress made from 3,000 Australian almonds.

The almond dress was inspired by the 2010 'New season's almonds' campaign advertising imagery which used the image of an almond dress as a great way to engage and inform the general public of the unique taste of Australian almonds fresh from the trees.

Australian Almonds Almond Dress

DRPR coordinated the making of the dress with upcoming Australian artist Gillian Christie who hand sewed 3,000 almonds to make this stunning dress.

On 28 April, the 'New season's almonds' campaign was launched with a 'bang' in Sydney CBD with the unveiling of the almond dress modelled by Rebecca Caulfield accompanied by the ABA team distributing new season almonds to the public.

Our almond dress made more than one head turn and received very positive feedback from the crowd.

The whole process was documented with professional photography and video which were uploaded onto an Aussie Almonds Flickr page and YouTube channel set up by DRPR for the ABA. You can view the video below:

Our stunt was even captured by other random photographers walking by, with one of them receiving glories for his 'Almond Ladies' photo.

To spread the word further, DRPR provided a media release as well as links to the Flickr page and YouTube channel to a range of media and bloggers. Part of our social media strategy also included promoting the photos and video through Twitter and Facebook.

As a result of our public relations efforts, mentions and images of the almond dress appeared in numerous food, marketing, lifestyle and regional outlets, both online and offline.

Another objective of the 'New season's almonds' campaign and the almond dress was to gain support from the almond industry and show the ABA as an organisation with initiative, creativity and energy. As such, the dress was unveiled at the Almond marketing forum in March 2010 where the feedback received was 'ooh', 'wow' and 'what else could we do next year?'.

The dress was a memorable and quirky way to spread the word about the great Australian produce that are almonds. Now, stay tuned for next year's 'New season almonds' initiative as we have bigger and better plans.

By Kim Larochelle | @kimlarochelle