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Case study: Aligning your website with your brand

Your organisation's website is its shop front to the world. And if you are running a good public relations program, it will most likely drive increased traffic to your site. Therefore, your website must reflect your brand's personality and expertise, convey relevant information and reach both your business' and visitors' objectives. Ultimately, it must create a positive impact for your company.

In September 2009, Peter Berry Consultancy (PBC), a business consultancy offering a range of profiling and consulting services for leadership, business planning as well as people and culture, approached DRPR with the need for a website revamp.

The objectives of the website review project were to:
  • Improve the website's navigation and useability
  • Update the website copy while ensuring consistency of language
  • Improve the website's look and feel to reflect Peter Berry Consultancy's expertise and personality

DRPR coordinated the entire project which included coordinating meetings with the PBC team, graphic designer and website developer to discuss the objectives of the website as well as the content, structure and design. DRPR also interviewed a number of PBC clients to gain their perspective on the current website.

The agency provided PBC with a review document that included tips and recommendations for improving the site's navigation, search engine optimisation, look and functionality. In addition, the website copy was reviewed and edited with new content developed. This was all done with PBC's areas of expertise and important industry keywords top-of-mind.

Project outcomes

PBC's revamped website has received very positive feedback. It highlights the consultancy's professionalism and capability with a modern and clean look as well as being functional and user-friendly.

New website: Old website:
New Peter Berry website Old Peter Berry website

By Kim Larochelle | @kimlarochelle