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From the Chairman
    Dennis Rutzou

Welcome to the first edition of the DRPR e-newsletter, a publication that we will forward to you on a regular basis to bring you news and updates about the PR industry, interesting case studies, as well as online PR tips and of course, give you a chance to get to know the DRPR team just a little bit better.

We have had DRPR newsletters in the past, but this new publication aims to be more than a case of a public relations consultancy doing what it tells others to do, or does on behalf of its clients, but is designed to become an authoritative source of news and comment about public relations and why it provides the solution to so many communication problems in business.

Many people in PR would be aware that I have had a long history of editing the national public relations magazine, first for the Public Relations Institute of Australia from 1966 and later publishing Public Relations in Australia in the 1980s.

But that was print, which was effective at the time, but clearly is surpassed by the production ease and low cost of the e-newsletter of today.

Finally, we wish you all a Happy Christmas, and what else, but a prosperous New Year from everyone at DRPR.

Dennis Rutzou, The Chairman