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From the Chairman - Networking is not dead

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From the Chairman

At a networking function I attended recently there was an absolute positive buzz. The expressions GFC, and the 'D' and 'R' words were banned, but that was unnecessary as the whole tone of the meeting was so positive. Everyone contributed to the discussion and spoke to the group about their business. This was motivation with a capital M.

It was attended by about 120 people who operate small and medium sized businesses who came along to listen to a panel of marketing experts speak about how to use the internet and mobile phones as a means of getting more business.

It was surprising to discover during the Q&A session about their use of the internet, Facebook and Twitter that they are well above average in their usage of these tools.

I was asked by MC Tony Arena about how PR was coping with these new communication tools and I replied by saying that it was the greatest boost that PR had ever received because it means that although communication had just got much more complicated, the management discipline of PR remains the same. Furthermore, DRPR includes online public relations in every PR program we implement for clients as we treat the Internet, social networking, Twitter and so on as another means of communication which has to be integrated with everything else you are doing.

But above all the lunch was about networking. I came away from the lunch with a handful of business cards and some leads to potential new clients and a renewed conviction about what really is the strength of this country.

It is not the self-serving politicians selectively distributing our money to, as they say, 'kick-start' the economy, but those people who don't need tax money to get off their bum, invest their own money, time and enthusiasm to build new businesses to generate the future wealth for this country.

- Dennis Rutzou