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Promoting your business after the GFC

There has always been a popular belief that the most prudent approach to an economic downturn is to cut all expenditure, but most specifically, marketing costs.

However, many people now strongly disagree with this approach and argue that if your competitors have followed this approach, there is a great opportunity to put your foot on your marketing pedal as you will acquire market share more cheaply than in times of prosperity.

But where should you allocate your promotional dollars?

Many make the mistake of putting promotional activities into separate silos and do not see the big picture. In fact, the discipline that I come from, 'public relations', is the umbrella that looks over all the communication activities of an organisation and how they can synergistically work with each other.

Many believe that public relations only aims at generating favourable media coverage. Although this is an important component, public relations involves much more. I define public relations as the 'management discipline of communication', which means that the communication function of an organisation must be carefully planned to ensure that it is working towards achieving defined and agreed objectives.

In addition to media coverage, the online environment is one of the tools of communication, which must also be integrated within public relations planning. This includes looking at how the communication value of your website can be improved, social networking (including Twitter, Linked-In, Facebook etc), regular e-newsletters and other means of improving the effectiveness of online communication.

A PR program is built around the credible key messages that describe the organisation, its services, experience and expertise. They are the phrases that are used in media releases, articles, websites, brochures, speeches and presentations. The repetition of those credible key messages is aimed at building recall by the target audiences.

So my advice about when and how you should start promoting your business is: now! And more precisely, consider public relations as one of the most potent tools in the tool box.

-Dennis Rutzou